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Jiangsu SOHO Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is an investment organization of state-owned assets authorized by Jiangsu provincial government. Registered with RMB 2 billion,the annual revenue of the whole group is more than RMB 20 billion with total assets over RMB 30 billion. Since the restructuring in 2010, SOHO Holdings Group takes the chance of globalization and rapid development of Chinese economy and society, and takes the advantages of panelized business to promote capital securitization and globalization. It focuses on four core businesses: domestic and international trade, financial investment,cultural industry as well as health industry. Based on the expansion of core businesses, the Group has established 10 important subsidiaries,in which Holly Corporation (600128) and Holly Futures (HK 03678) are listed...    【More】

Cultural Industry
SOHO Holdings Group proactively performs social obligations as a state owned firm to maximize the return to the society. Based on cultural advantages of Jiangsu, SOHO Holdings explores scientific business modes to combine culture and industry using financial tools and modern information technologies; Furthermore, it focuses on specializing the cultural products for the benefits of the public, and makes efforts to build national cultural industry...More
Health Industry
Using competitive advantage and successful experience in real estate, SOHO Holdings focuses on green & high-tech residence to improve its impact via market segmentation and product diversification. The total development area is over 1 million. It also possesses more than 480, 000commercial property. At the later stage of "the 12th Five-Year Plan", SOHO Holdings actively transforms to health ...More

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